Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Yesterday's Successes (Pt. II)

I was so caught up on moving, I forgot to mention a major event that happened at work yesterday. I have been the coordinator for a project in which local high school students produce short films for our park to put on its website. Last year was its first year, a trial run. This year we shifted some things, worked with more teachers, expanded the project, and hoped for the best. Yesterday was the big "on-site video shoot" for the biggest high school related to this project.

May I say I was so proud of these students?

Initially, some of the early ideas and scripts made me a little nervous. "Ack! They don't get it!!" But they have excellent teachers and the passion that their Broadcasting teacher consistantly puts forth helped move the students in the directions they needed to go. I plan on stopping by the class tomorrow, just to say "hey, hi, and bye" and will miss these kids. I am excited to see how the videos turn out, though. And am so happy the day went so smoothly. It was another positive "my last." My last cooridinated event at the park.

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