Thursday, October 27, 2011

protecting and upholding

Today I met my boss officially. She works out of another site (still the same park) about two hours away. I also had to fill out a bunch of paperwork as part of my transfer. One of the pages is an official oath in which I affirm to protect and uphold the US Constitution, so help me God. Why, that is a very serious charge! I felt it serious enough to have my picture taken while signing said oath (disregard my lack of serious expression... I can't not smile when I know I am being photographed):

Still no boat tour today! Looks like I will have to wait until next week. Which means my anticipation will continue to build until I pop. Wait for it.

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zcem13 said...

Did they make you say the oath....we always have to stand and raise our hand while doing it....when I was a seasonal it always gave me chills to get sworn in with a big room full of other seasonals....awesome!