Sunday, October 23, 2011

goodbye, pile of broken wood!

I left Murfreesboro this morning and am currently hanging out with my sister and awesomest-brother-in-law-ever in West Tennessee. I had planned on leaving about 9AM this morning, finally hitting the open road at 10:24AM (it runs in the family). Before leaving, I had to turn in my badge and keys and say my final farewells at the park. I did not like to give up my shiny (gold) badge, but I will get another issued to me at my new park.
If my car has a nook or cranny, that nook and/or cranny is currently jamb-packed with the rest of my earthly possessions that did not make the trip to Louisiana last week. As I left my driveway this morning, I felt like this (about second 0:39): With the exception of my driver-side door, stuff has to fall out in order for me to open a door. I will leave early tomorrow morning and have another seven and a half or eight hours in the car before I arrive in my new hometown. If you continue to watch the movie clip to approximately 5:40, you can have a preview of how my ride will look tomorrow (song and all). "Oh, every day another new adventure! Every mile another new zip code... I got no strings on me, I'm feeling fancy free, how wonderful to be on the open roh-ooohohhooooh-ooohoohhoooh-ooohooohoooooh-ad!"

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