Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Pancake Pantry

Last week, Dad got to come home for a few days for some mid-tour rest and relaxation. Unfortunately, my schedule would not let me break away for too long, however we were able to gather as a family at The Pancake Pantry.

My brother flew in, my sister and her husband [the awesomest-brother-in-law-ever] drove up, and so hey-ho! the gang was all there! 
Service member family members! 
It was so much fun to see everybody, even if it were just an hour's-worth of time (my brother had to catch an airplane!). The past few weeks have seen me incredibly busy and sometimes I forget what day it is, as they seem to fly by so fast. But I will remember (and treasure) those family times complimented by syrup and butter. Short and sweet (literally). 

I love this picture because 1) my dad is smiling big and
2) my sister is creeping in the back.