Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Recent Discovery

I have found that weather forecasters are very similar to ex-husbands. They can lie through their teeth without a blink of an eye.

Thunderstorms all week- ha! Now, the weather people cover their lies with percentages. I imagine ex-husbands would do the same if they were smart enough. "There is a 40% chance that I won't be where I say." Maybe if more people used percentages in their daily communications, I might be more forgiving in relationships like I am of the weather guy.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dear Mom,

I cannot update my blog with a quality entry because I am tired. And the things I want to say I can't because I don't know who reads this. So I will say that I am still alive and keeping myself busy.

Maybe tomorrow I will be abducted by aliens and have a story to tell.



P.S. No, Dad, I have not pulled out my thesis this week. I will get there eventually.

Monday, July 26, 2010

What I am Listening to Today: Crossfire

I love this song. So I thought I would share. And Charlize Theron kicks butt. I want to be her when I grow up. Incidentally, I also love Brandon Flowers. I want to marry him when I grow up.

Lessons in Procrastination (By way of Yardwork)

After my run this morning, I decided to pull out the ol' lawnmower and attack my grass-cutting chore. I am not going to lie: it has been nearly a month since I have mowed. Unfortunately, lawnmowing is a chore that does not get easier with time. Every day I ignore the fact that my yard has, in fact, become a jungle the chore becomes increasingly more difficult to conquer. It is not something that I can mentally overcome, neither.

I bounded home after my successful morning 3 mile run, ready to throw on a pair of jeans and get productive this Monday morning. Bring on the yardwork! Between mowing and "gardening"* I figured I would be outside approximately an hour. My lawn usually takes me 45 minutes with my push mower and I was only going to do minimal work in my garden.** It took me a solid 15 minutes and a series of grumbled expletives to get the %^$# thing started (because I have neglected my yard duties for so long.

After I finally got it started, I started charging through my backyard jungle. Vrrrommsmmch(clunk!). Silence followed by another string of grumbled expletives. Stupid almost-knee high grass. Whose fault is that? Mine all mine. I shall overcome. So I cranked up my iPod and tried again.

You know that first-grade haircut that happens upon one's discovery of fiskers' ability to chop one's own hair? That is what my lawn currently looks like. I believe another word for that would be "hack job." And that planned hour turned into two and a half hours without any real work in my garden (minus the four tomatoes I gathered). Eesh. So much for productivity.

I would like to turn this yard lesson into a "life lesson." You know, that dreaded question: So, how's the thesis coming? Procrastination is a skill I have mastered. I think I know if I pull out my thesis-y stuff it is going to appear between knee- and waist-high, tangled and thick. It may take me a while to start my engines (and, yes, there will be expletives). But between training for a half marathon, working like a maniac, helping create costumes for a historical production in August, "gardening," mowing my stinky lawn, and just living my life to the best of my ability, I have a hard time bringing myself to pull out my research and writing.

I will get there. You'll see. And again, I will overcome. It may turn into a hack job, but it will get done.

*Another blog entry entirely on my "garden" due soon...

**Again, that blog entry about my gardening skills or lack thereof is well over due.