Monday, April 7, 2014

Thinking of these past few weeks

Well. I had intentions of writing more. Time slipped away from me. Now, I have one week left of my temporary park ranger position at Andersonville. Where did my time go?

Working here proved beneficial to me for many reasons. It was such a positive experience for me to be reminded that healthy work environments can cultivate passion. My colleagues are nothing short of encouraging and thought-provoking and innovative and passionate. It turns out those things are like my own personal fuel. I thrived among them and was humbled by their intensity and brilliance. I don't imagine any of them will wonder their way over to this blog and read this, but in case they do, you guys rock my socks off.

It was also beneficial to me personally. Everything changed when I walked down that plush, Las Vegas aisle last year and recommited to my husband. I, however, had become so used to living single that I forgot the types of things required to tend to my relationship. I now know for me that proximity is vital. No more long-distancing for lengths of time. I am also more mindful of what it means to think and work together, rather than just for me. Additionally, the idea of moving every several years no longer appeals to me like it once did. I crave roots. Wearing the green and grey for the short time I did reminded me of what a mobile life could look like; I do not desire that anymore.

Finally, I know in my own way that I have made contributions to the memory of this place. They weren't many and they weren't ginormous, but I know the work I did over the past several months contributed to something bigger than myself. That alone made these days worth my time.