Tuesday, October 18, 2011

thumbs up

Have you ever considered the extent that your thumbs help make life easier? Yes, your thumbs. Those little opposable appendages that I take for granted. I take for granted until, say, I strain a muscle in one. Yes, my thumb. I don't know how, but I have thought of my right thumb all day. Especially when I turned off the alarm of my phone, flipped the cap of my shampoo, washed my hair, braided my hair, twisted off the top to my mascara, turned a key to lock or unlock anything, poured a cup of coffee, opened my creamer, buttoned my shirt, zipped my pants, tied my shoes, typed on a keyboard, typed on my phone, gripped a steering wheel, picked up a box, picked up eleven more boxes, signed my name, signed anything, and that was all before noon. So thank a thumb (yes, a thumb) a seemingly small and possibly insignificant part of the human body, but really a huge help in everyday tasks.

My left thumb is hoping my right thumb gets better soon. All this extra work is wearing it out.

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