Saturday, March 6, 2010

I have one last wish

Just let me down easy. I am riding on one of those natural "highs" called life and have been for some time. Maybe it is because I don't have anymore coursework. Maybe it is because I am keeping myself busy doing work I like to do. Maybe because I am a hopeful individual and know of many adventures around the corner?

I did the wildland fire training and am now certified to fight wildfires. That training was long, though, and made for a long two weeks at work. My room is a mess; my books are stacked all over my room begging me to open them and glean from their pages the many ideas that will help build the arguments in my thesis. I have almost two weeks of laundry stacked up in my closet.

Yet, the sun is beckoning me to enjoy its rays outside. Maybe if I go for a run or do an hour's worth of yard work I can get this itch out of my system enough to grant me the ability to sit down and focus on writing today. There is always tomorrow...