Monday, October 10, 2011

I-Haul, I-Pack, I-Tired

I picked up my Uhaul truck today (ka-ching... tax and insurance and the rental... eesh). I didn't want to save all the loading fun for one night, so I decided to get started tonight. The light inside the truck automatically shuts off after 30 minutes. According to that light's timer, I spent about two and a half hours loading the truck and it is only half full. If I had the physical ability, I would have loaded my coaches and desks by myself. Alas. My supergirl powers only allow me to do so much.

Over the course of the time I spent loading the truck, I had lots of time to think. A sampling of my thoughts include:

-How can one girl have so much stuff?
-Who designed these patented boxes?
-Does one get a certificate for a patent?
-Is the certificate embossed? Or signed?
-How many books can one girl possibly need?
-I am never moving again.
-How did Madonna get on my Jimmy Eat World playlist??
-I hope this truck is big enough.
-How many hours are left before I leave?
-Why did I not tape this box up?
-How many presidents can I name (originally in order, but that list was not very long...). I lost track of who I remembered after President name #34.
-What is it about food names that end with "o?" Cherrios, Cheetos, HoHos...
-How much time would a dolly have saved haf I rented one?
-What's in this box? (That thought prompted me to open it. I found some more books and towels).
-What is it about the color pink that makes me so happy?
-And red, and purple, too?
-How did Leslie Gore get on my Jimmy Eat World playlist???
-It looks like I will be relocating to Lafayette and never leaving after I empty this truck.

Then, I just hit my wall and stopped. I am tired. Today was an extremely productive day, at work and after, but after I hit my imaginary wall, I could not keep going. Bedtime!! My pillow calls my name. Tomorrow is another day to work and finish loading that truck.

And I still haven't figured out how Madonna and Leslie Gore escaped onto my Jimmy Eat World playlist. Hmm.

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