Sunday, October 9, 2011

a series of my lasts

On Friday, I stopped by our Resource Management office to let a coworker know that it would be our last work day together (because of our work schedules the next two weeks). "This is the end of an era" was his response. Yeah. I guess it kinda is.

All week I have been completing a series of "my lasts." Yesterday, I gave my last bike tour (dorky ensemble included). My last time closing the park happened on Tuesday. I led my last caravan tour a week ago, but had not realized it was my last. I spent my last Saturday in the visitor center, for next week I will be in a wedding and my last Saturday here, I will present workshops at a conference for middle- and high-school girls in science.

So my colleague's mention of "the end of an era" served as my mental box to tuck away all of my memories. It was era. I worked with some amazing people, have countless memories, made my imprint on this park, and know one day I will tell stories that begin with, "when I was at Stones River..." I sometimes get stuck in my I-am-sad-and-am-going-to-miss-this-place mode. Why!? That is not very characteristic of me. This place was awesome! I get to carry these experiences with me! I will continue to rock the brown, wool socks off my future parks. It's what I do.

I will rock and roll outta here in 336 hours. I still have got plenty to do and many more "my lasts" to treasure in that time. Bring it.

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