Monday, November 26, 2012


I am learning very quickly that I have the ability to take hills. Yes, I mostly mean while running (but we all know how I love to link running to life). Since moving from Louisiana, I feel that every surface I run while outside is an uphill surface. To say the terrain of Stewart County is not flat would be an understatement. All roads roll. And while I find these roads fun to drive, they present a special challenge while running them.

I read somewhere that one of the best way to take a hill is to imagine pushing yourself over the hill. Don't just focus on making it to the peak, mentally imagine yourself going past the top and working the downhill. I didn't have much practice of that while in Louisiana. Now I can practice that between 8 and 15 times every mile.

Most recently, I am training for the Oak Barrel Half Marathon in Lynchburg, Tennessee. I would like to also run a few 5ks in the Spring and then try to run the Ragnar Relay race in the summer (and/or fall). I like having these distant races in my mind while I train. It makes me push myself harder. It makes me think beyond the day's run and what I am ultimately running for. I run for my health, yes. I run to keep in shape and not have to buy bigger pants, yes. But I especially run for race day. I love the excitement of race day.

When I think of myself up and over hills during my training runs, I am imagining myself taking the hills of the half marathon course around Lynchburg. I imagine the spectators cheering and the feeling of crossing the finish line. And with each hill, I feel a sense of accomplishment. They are minor accomplishments, but accomplishments, nonetheless.

I find myself encountering hills in life, too. I have to push myself to see beyond the steep grade and think of pulling myself up and over the hill. Ultimately, I have to remember in the grand scheme of things, these hills are tiny and that there are bigger things (like the festivities after a major race) that I work for.

Besides, if I didn't get out to stretch my legs, how else would I catch sunsets like this?

Thursday, November 15, 2012

coffee and donut

Dra-at. I had almost completed a new post when the internet died and said post had not saved.

[grumble grumble grumble]

I'm over it. So now I will start afresh. Here's the thing: what I wrote before is lost and I am not even going to bother trying to recreate it. Instead, I will let you know that if you refrain from drinking coffee for months and cut processed sugar out of your diet for months indulging in coffee and donuts is a rush


that is difficult to describe


although I can say that my right leg won't stop quivering


and that my brain is operating at a much faster pace than it is used to


and that my heart might explode.

I only wish I was kidding. However,


may I suggest the Pumpkin Spice donut from Dunkin' Donuts?

{Grace Kelly}

That Pumpkin Spice donuts is absolutely delicious!


Now I need to go


figure out the rest of my day or


maybe go for a run or


figure out how to detox myself from this


Thursday, November 1, 2012

casting my vote

I have a distinct memory of my mom taking me along with her to vote when I was in third or fourth grade. We went to the local library building, not checking out books that time. "This is very important," she told me. I remember her telling me almost gravely of the seriousness and responsibility we have to vote (although, the gravity of the matter is probably a combination of my flare for the dramatic and my choosing to remember my past with that same flare).

Oh, the excitement as we stepped into the gray booth! Oh, the wonder of that machine!

I still walk onto voting premises with pride. Oh, the significance of the act! Oh, how my voice is counted! I think of the many in history who have been denied their right to vote (example: when my great-grandmother was born, she legally was not allowed to vote) and am thankful for my right. I think of individuals worldwide who do not have the privilege to cast their opinion via ballot and am thankful for my right.

The red "Cast Ballot" button seemed especially bright yesterday afternoon. I nearly squealed in delight as I stepped out of the voting area, resisting the urge to curtsy on my way to my car.

Thank you! Thank you! I just made a difference while exercising my amazing right as an American citizen.