Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Very [Cajun] New Year

Usually, I deliberately stay home on New Year's Eve. I don't want to be on the roads. So, I hadn't made any plans for this year. I mean, I hadn't made any plans other than sleeping for this year. But yesterday, our Maintenance guy and a volunteer invited me to a party they were hosting at a local Cajun restaurant known for its dance floor. "The band is going to be great, you should come!" they said. I agreed.

No regrets here! The "party" was from 7-9, so I felt I could leave before the craziest of crazies were on the road. AS SOON as the Cajun band started rockin' (accordian included), the dance floor was packed. There is no joke that folks of all ages dance here. Couples who can barely hobble to the dance floor cut a rug as soon as the music starts playing. Babies are rocked and bounced along to the music. I bet pregnant moms dance there, too, in order to get that music absorbed into the womb. The dance floor even came with a lady dancing by herself (or possibly with herself; she appeared to be having a conversation with herself, too).

When it comes right down to it, I am a dancing fool. It took a few dances for me to get the feel of it; I am used to more structured ballroom dancing. Whenever I waltzed before, it was a ballroom-style waltz. Here, the waltz steps are the same but tighter and the style is much freer. I was told to "relax" several times. But was also asked to dance several times, many times by repeat partners. I consider that a dancing compliment. There were a few times where I felt like Judy Garland during the Christmas ball scene of "Meet Me in St. Louis," when she has several (mostly awkward) dance partners. I choose to wear dancing heels, which, even at my less than 5'5" stature, had me tower over several of my partners. But I had so much fun.

I left before ten to get back home. I can hear all sorts of fireworks going off to celebrate the new year. But this broad plans on being fast asleep as the midnight hour strikes CST. With a smile on my face and my toes still tapping.

Happy New Year to all my friends and family! Especially to those who follow me via this blog. May your 2012 be filled with countless opportunities to enjoy life's dancefloor.

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