Thursday, December 15, 2011

aye, ye scurvy dog

"So, do you still want to be a pirate?"

The question posed by my brother in law expressed curiosity mixed with a touch of being ornery. I got to visit with my sister, brother, and awesomest-brother-in-law-ever the past few days. I love love love them. All three have seen me at my best, my worst, my lowest, my highest, my meanest, my brightest, my softest, my loudest, and, well if I had a most quiet, they'd have seen that, too. The point is, they love me in my entirety and I can be completely at ease with them. Which is why my brother in law feels he can stir things up sometimes. And I'm okay with that.

Do I still want to be a pirate? Did I ever fully desire that? I read enough about true piracy as a kid to know what they were all about, but still chased after my fascinations of the lore. I think there are elements to the lore that attract attention. Mystery. Exploration. Freedom. Escape. Wonder. Treasure. Ships, seas, ports, goods. Brotherhood (sans any mutinying). Eye patches. Buckles for swashing. Oh, wait...

I will continue to follow my personal interests of learning more of the lore, talking like a pirate on Internation Talk Like A Pirate Day, watching Muppet Treasure Island, and drinking from my assorted collection of skull-and-crossbone glasses and mugs. Yar. Simultaneously, I am working through the challenge of presenting the truth at work, separating fact from fiction, and figuring a way to negotiate a balance between lore and reality.

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