Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas is Coming (the Goose is Getting Fat)

Yesterday I read a short book about hurricanes. I figured since I now lived in a place where hurricanes were a part of life, I should become a little more familar with the storm. The power of the storm builds as the right combination of moisture and heat contribute to the early storm. Over the ocean, the hurricane grows stronger (sometimes devastatingly so) before it hits land. Land serves as a source of friction, slowing down the hurricane, causing the storm to eventually die.

I was thinking today of my personal Christmas-hurricane. I LOVE Christmas! I make references to the holiday year-round. Today I 1) noticed the countdown 'til Christmas printed onthe front page of the Baton Rouge paper and 2) asked a child today if she knew how many days were left until Christmas and received the answer almost before I was finished asking the question. Those things made me wonder about my own excitement this year. My overall Christmas enthusiasm is not quite as strong this year as in years past.

That caused me to ponder "why?" Where is my Christmas intensity? I believe, like a hurricane, I have sources of power. Rather than heat and moisture, however, I thrive on family and friends and sharing joyous times with those I love. I got that briefly earlier this week when I visited siblings. And I felt a surge yesterday with a call from my parental units. And I am very excited to see my grandparents on Sunday. I feel like my Christmas hurricane is only delayed, as I will be celebrating with family days following the 25th.

I suppose I should give a fair warning. Don't let this lull fool you. I still have got potential for a massive storm. It is just hovering, currently.

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