Saturday, December 3, 2011


I am waiting for my coffee to brew, so I can turn on my brain to start my day. I am excited to start my day! I am working, yes, but on what we will call a "special assignment." Today I get to go to the Chalmette Battlefield site of the park in New Orleans and, wait for it, listen to a talk on PIRATES!

I know. I just heard the cheering in my head, too. The trip is also designed for me to get familiar with the rest of the park. I had been to Chalmette several years ago, but that was after Hurricane Katrina and before the new visitor center opened. I will also re-visit Jazz National Historic Park to see their new exhibits.

I think I can hear the gurgling of the coffee pot, telling me "come and get it!" I will let you know how my trip goes.

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