Saturday, December 31, 2011

A Very Merry [Texas] Christmas

Welp. I have made it to Texas and back. And if you have ever driven through the state, you understand that that is a feat (don't mess with Texas). Whenever people ask where is Abilene, I usually respond "where the "E" is when "Texas is spelled out across the map." Sometimes people get it. Usually, I just get funny looks.

I absolutely enjoyed my visit. It was the perfect time for me to take a break from my life and chill with my grandparents. I had fun visiting with them, too. And my heart beats happy in Texas. Always has, always will. I feel I could write many blog posts, each about a different segment of my trip. Titles of those posts would include:

"My Grandparents are Awesomer Than Yours"
"Bibbidy Bobbidy Bacon!"
"A Trip to the Zoo: For Ol' Time's Sake"
"A Trip to the Zoo: A Way to Catch Pnemonia"
"A Trip to the Zoo: Giraffe Tongues Still Freak Me Out"
"Abilene, Abilene, Prettiest Town I've Ever Seen"
"My Hair Cooperates Better Without Humidity"
"I Gots Me Some Biscuits and Gravy, Yum"

I started doing some preliminary family "research," really just listening to stories and making copies of some documents and photos in my grandmother's possession. I also visited the cemetery where many family members are buried. We took trips to the zoo, the National Center of Children's Illustrated Literature, and the 12th Armored Division Memorial Museum. It was fun.

On my way back to Louisiana, I took the long way home to stop in Austin overnight to visit a friend. We went to the state capitol building and some other funky Austin sites. On the way down, I visited the National Museum on the Pacific War in Fredicksburg, Texas (talk about a cool town! I will be visiting again). I spent over three hours at the museum, trekked my way over to the Lyndon B. Johnson National Historic Site (gotta get my stamp!), and finally arrived in Austin in time for dinner. I hadn't seen that friend in over four years, so it was good to catch up.

Family cemetery.

Cowboy Christmas.

This sign doesn't have to say it, because everyone knows what it really means is "I'll shoot ya."

Don't mess with Texas.

The inside of the capitol building.

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