Saturday, January 7, 2012

football time = nap time

I am currently "watching" a football game. BOR-ing! I am in New Orleans, staying with Saints fans. But I have an attention span of a four-year-old when football is on the television. So I will blog, instead. I have been busy working, cleaning, and running. This weekend I was temporarily "stationed" at Chalmette Battlefield to support the living history anniversary events. Yesterday, I helped unload and load over 2,000 students visiting the battlefield. Before the day, some of the staff made it sound like I had been assigned to the Seventh Circle of Hell with that duty. I had fun and thought it went well. I worked with some good folks and it kept me busy enough to keep out of trouble. Today I worked at the visitor center all day, interacting with nearly 1,000 visitors. I enjoyed myself, doing what I love to do. I will say that I am exhaustified now. So maybe I will just use this game time to nap.

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