Saturday, December 17, 2011


I decided today (well, this evening) would be a good time for a massive overhaul of my room, a major reorganization in order to finally get myself settled in. I started almost two hours ago and have worn myself out. But I am only halfway done! So I sat down for a moment to rest but feel like I am now planted firmly on my couch. Yep. Not moving any time soon.

There is now currently a bigger mess in my bedroom than when I started. I am sitting in my living room and can't see it from here. So maybe I will pretend it will clean itself. So I can read a little. Maybe it really will clean itself (like in Disney's Sleeping Beauty or Sword in the Stone- I just have to figure out where to get one of those wands).

Sigh. I will finish what I started. Because I have to.

I just don't know when...

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