Sunday, December 11, 2011

Peace, Love, and Soy Nog

I think of my family's Christmas traditions as a blend. Some traditions come from my Mom's side, some from my Dad's. Some we picked up from the different places we lived (ten-plus states and two countries outside the US). Some have faded (we think about warm milk before bed on Christmas Eve, but I don't think anybody in my family drinks it anymore). Some persist (I believe monkey bread was made on two different continents last year). And memories of each tradition bring little swells of joy to me.

So this evening, as I enjoy my Christmas playlist and wrap presents, I think of my family. I could dwell on how much I miss them but I'd rather focus on how thoughts of them bring smiles to my face. I think of Christmas memories (smile). I think of family I will be able to visit in the upcoming days and weeks (smile).

And even if I cannot share this season fully with my family in a traditional sense (I would really like it if I could hear my mom belt out "five gooooold rings!" like Miss Piggy on the John Denver version of The 12 Days of Christmas right now), I can still share a little:

"She's an Artist!!"

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