Tuesday, December 6, 2011

blogging thoughts

I have napped on and off all day, but I think I broke the spell. I do not feel my 100% self, but it is all mind over matter (right, Dad?). Napping is NOT a quality way to spend a day off.

Blogging is, however! I can post my incessantly rambling thoughts to the world. I recently found this blog about interpreting the Civil War. And while the topic has provided frustrations in the past, it still provides fascinations (and yes, I miss my old park). I took a long distance class with one of the authors. His note about himself sounds very familiar to me. I am a recovering student, too! I seem to float, too! But I am also starting to perish without a vision. Don't get me wrong, I love my new park and love love love my job, but I was used to constant demands. Now I am feeling a void. I still ponder. I still digest. I still like to think. And I love to spark interest in others.

So I am currently considering how I can reapply myself. I am beginning to volunteer at the American Red Cross, but that won't take up too much time (and doesn't engage my brain the same way). I am making plans to create a video for a friend's historic home (that will be a creative/thoughtful release). But I am contemplating the long-run. I am considering another blog- a visual one- about living here. Not so much just living here (that is what I do now), but interpreting here. Telling the stories and histories of the area, visually. I have to thoughts in my head. They are just swirling around like glitter in a snowglobe. I am going to take some time and make some plans. Wait for it. It's gonna be big.

And I find it entertaining that I have friends and sometimes family who encourage me to do something "fun" and that time away from work should be entirely for me. But it isn't that I need to take a break from work- I love what I do. And doing these types of projects that once upon a time would have been submitted as homework assignments are fun, especially since I will be able to do them my own way. Again, these are just thoughts. On my mind. On my quite-possible-fever-addled-mind. But that is what this is for, right?

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