Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Living in a digital world (and I am a digital girl)

Today I took a class on digital media through our training center in Virginia... but I am in Tennessee! Technological advances amaze me! The class is Digital Media for Interpreters, a course designed to point parks in the right direction to best use the digital world to get people connected to parks.

In sixth grade, I remember a conversation my dad had with my mom about the wonders of the internet. He tried to sell her on the educational value. He told me that one day whole libraries will be online and worlds of knowledge will be accessible with a few clicks! Ha! Yeah right, Dad! You're funny.

Now here I am on the other end of that world, trying to keep up with ways to make these worlds easily accessible and relevant to a wide audience. It is fun, exciting, and minorly terrifying all at once. And the questions will still echo tomorrow- how can parks exist digitally? Does digital media take away from the experience of visiting a park? What about the personal connections, will digital media takes those away? These are valid questions with no straight answer. But regardless of my day, I am fortunate enough that in the midst of dealing with these philosophical media debates, I can walk outside at catch a real sunset if I so desire.

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