Saturday, April 16, 2011

Return to Writing

Over the course of the day, the topics and titles I would have chosen for a post would have changed from hour to hour. It probably would have looked something like this:

6:00AM: I Never Want [Bedtime] to End! [or] I Hate Alarm Clocks
7:00AM: Rolling With My Natural Resource Homies
8:00AM: Rain, Rain, Go Away (You Only Make me Want to Cuddle Under Some Blankets and WRITE)
9:00AM: Thesis on the Brain
10:00AM: Singing in the Rain! (With My Natural Resource Homies)
11:00AM: Cross-Training is Overrated (I Should be Writing!)
1:00PM: Napping is my Version of Heaven (And One Day I Will Get to Nap Regularly... One Day)
2:00PM: Thesis Always on my Mind (A Willie Nelson Tune)
3:00PM: Almost Out of Here (So I Can Continue Writing!)
4:00PM: Haven't Even Showered (But am Writing!)
5:00PM: I Should Consider Dinner (But Need to Keep Writing!)
6:00PM: My Roomie Convinced me to Eat Food
7:00PM: Return to Writing

Good news, though. I am still on my writing roll. I have finished four pages this evening (after a cold, wet day at work in which I worked OUTSIDE most of the day). I think I can I think I can I think I can.





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