Friday, April 15, 2011

deep breath

I am currently sitting in my dining room, trying to "get in the zone." I have a phone interview for a position that I really really (really) want. I think that strong desire (on top of all the stress I have allowed into my life) has severely wracked my nerves. I keep telling the butterflies in my stomach to calm down and stop flying around so fast, but they are not listening.

I debated my clothing choice for this interview. I thought that even though it is an interview via phone, if I were wearing professional attire, I might feel more professional and come across as such. Then I got home from work and ultimately decided that my favorite Killers t-shirt, pirate pants (my comfy, modified sweat pants), and bunny slippers were the way to go. I have set out my notes and calendar and am waiting for my chamomile tea to finish steeping. Bring on my afternoon.

I just have got to keep saying to myself, "I think I can I think I can" so I can let out a "woo woo!" at the end.

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