Friday, April 1, 2011


I worked in our Resource Management division today. My coworkers will attest to it: I was one giggle-infused individual today. Sans coffee, at that. I believe it came from a combination of delirium from my lack of sleep combined with my slight sense of accomplishment. The two are indeed connected. My accomplishments this week would not have happened without my lack of sleep.

It probably also comes from the fact that I got to yell “April Fools!” all day. Ha.

My giggle-boxness could not be stopped while working with the likes of my counterparts, Keith and Dave. We worked hard and still the sunshine beaming from within me could not be squelched. Dr. Doom (Keith), Dr. Death (Dave), and Dr. Mayhem (me) chipped the heck out of some trees and then conquered some exotic plants in the Round Forest. I know I marched at least two miles through woods with a twenty pound backpack while in the Round Forest. I am wore-out. And sore. And tired. But I feel good. The weather cooperated and we completed several things on our “to-do” list.

I know I will sleep well tonight. I still have stuff to finish (like revising my chapter and cleaning my room), but I know as soon as my head hits my pillow, I will be snoring. Loudly.

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