Tuesday, April 5, 2011

false teeth

This morning I was a guest speaker for our local radio station, WGNS. My Chief of Ops and I were there to talk about the history of the battle, the changes taking place, and promote some of our programs. Some of the show worked as a "call-in" show, and listeners could call in and ask questions or make statements.

One caller who epitomized "backwoods" wanted to ask about metal detectors and what has been found at the park. We had a brief conversation before it was time to move onto the next caller.

"Oh, before I go and hang up, guess what I went and found some weeks back?"

"Uh, a minie ball?" "An artillery piece?"

"Nope. Better. A set of false teeth! Ah ha ha ha ah ha!" He continued cackling as he hung up the phone.

It was probably a good thing that this was a radio show, so that nobody could see the look on my face, beaming of puzzlement, horror, and humor. I can never predict what my day will look like when I go to work.

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