Friday, April 15, 2011

a new hope

I am not a Star Wars geek, but was raised as one.

My interview went well. I will not find out until next week if I got the job (or not). But since the call did not end in "Well, this was a good chat, have a nice life," I feel like it was a positive interview. I am feeling hopeful that I got the job. Today wore me out. I worked, prepped, interviewed, chatted, wrote, read, showered, wrote, made cookies!, wrote, and then jotted down more ideas for what I should write tomorrow. I have to work at 7AM tomorrow for a volunteer work day. I know I will get physically tired at work, but I have to maintain my writing momentum. And the good news about working that early means that I get off at 3:30 and will have a solid evening to write! Woo! Don't stop me now, I am on a roll.

If anything during this process, I definitely feel the support from family and friends. Between texts, emails, calls, and facebook postings from people who encourage, support, praise, and most importantly pray for me, I know I have LOTS of people who love me. That is an amazing feeling not easily put into words.

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