Thursday, March 12, 2009

Preemptive Strike Against Jet-Lag

I am about to take a nap with a purpose. I love naps but usually feel a little guilty when I take them (I should be doing something, right?). But today's nap is a preemptive strike against jet-lag. I am not sleeping tonight in order to force my body 17 hours ahead to Guam time. Then I will sleep on the plane tomorrow and mentally tell my body to get over it; I don't want to waste any time once I hit the ground. Who knows when the next time will be that I get the chance to visit the Pacific?

I still have minor packing things to do (I am 4lbs under my 50lbs luggage-limit and have yet to pack my makeup...). But most of my loose ends are tied up. My room looks like a tornado breezed through here, but that is relatively normal. I am having a few classmates who are going on the trip coming over this evening to kick off the trip (with breakfast at 5pm... which is 8am in Guam). Even with these little things that need to be done, my pillow beckons me.

Will my preemptive strike work? Maybe not. But at least it will be guilt-free.