Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Please Stand By

Stinkin' technology. And copyright issues. I am attempting to post the short Iwo Jima video but it is taking FOREVER to process. I attempted to load the other films onto YouTube, as sometimes the videos on here don't play well, but YouTube wouldn't let my soundtracks play because of legality issues (play that funky music, copyright...). Then I received a notice from Facebook notifying me that they removed my hiking film from there because of copyright issues. So I am trying to find a way to share with everyone these adventures but am having a few technical difficulties. 


Elena said...

sorry.. i can try to send another music file again.. if you like?

Tom said...

Those darn copyright laws. However, there is nothing illegal with you singing or hummiing the music you want playing as your background music.

Angela J. Smith said...

Okay--so here are a couple of hints. The video would not play for me in blogger either.

Bring the footage in i-movie, then share/export from i-movie. Use the "mobile" setting. This will make the file much smaller. The import settings you are using are too large to play correctly on the web.

You can't use copyrighted music online with any of your projects without paying or getting permission. You have to find something that is not copyrighted for create your own music. Sorry. That's the law.

Your stories are good. Thanks so much for keeping the blog.

Tom said...

You can go to this site for free, non-copyrighted Marine Corps music:

SomethingWicked said...

We could always do a Rock Band cover, you know.