Friday, March 20, 2009

Interdisciplinary Studies

I think I strained or sprained my wrist the other day. I was running to catch a bus as I had left something on it and I slipped, only to cushion my fall with my wrist. It works out that I have Carpel Tunnels, so I had my wrist guards with me. It still makes things like writing and filming a little annoying. I can't tell if it is swollen. I mean, it is swollen, but it had been for a few days, as I got a bug bite that made my wrist swell the day we climbed Mt. Lamlam, then several more mosquito bites two days after that. Between the insurance required by the school and the insurance provided by the tour company, I believe I am more covered medically over here than back at home (where I have none). The only question is: if I needed medical care, what would the facilities be like?

Of the group of students on this trip, there is not one single full-on, traditional history major. And that has been one of the coolest things about this trip, as everyone contributes different studies to help demonstrate a more complete story. Right now, Bethany is getting her gear ready. She will be physically mapping out the island and caves of Peleliu with GIS and GPS stuff. She can take a picture with her camera, then link that to the coordinates of where we are on earth. When we get back home she said she would try to link that to Google Earth so everyone can wee where we've been. Yesterday we visited the southern beaches on our own as a class. It is unbelieveable to stand where waves peacefully break around your ankles, imagining what it would have looked like 64 years ago, will the chaos of war. While we were there, Chad did some non-destructive testing of some Japanese concrete fortifications. He can find out so much with all of his gear. I don't even think about concrete, but I imagine the soldiers wondered their durability when they were being bombarded during the war.

We are leaving in about two hours. We have to load up a boat to go to Peleliu. Evidently, we are just dropping our bags on shore then exploring. I think our entirely class is more than ready for this trip and what we will find.


SomethingWicked said...

I've been following your trip but only now have been able to post! FYI, there was another pirate attack this year (now making it a 1% more likely chance of being attacked by pirates), so be careful.

Naomi aka NM's #1 pirate (we had seas at one time, but they're hiding out of fear of me!)

ekg said...

Yay, Nomis!!!! I am so glad you are on! I can't wait until December (because december means europe with my bestest friends!)!