Wednesday, March 25, 2009

In Houston

I tried to connect to the internet here in the Houston Airport, but it is not letting me. While I was sitting here, minding my own business some random guy decided to sit by me and start a conversation about his dying father in Little Rock and how he is laying over in Houston. I am pretty sure he is drunk. He has told me about his dad three times already and I just smile and nod. But he still keeps talking. Maybe I should tell him that my mom said I shouldn’t talk to strangers.

I leave for Nashville in less than an hour. I am debating if I need to create a reason to escape or just let him keep talking to me. Now he is telling me about his drug addict girlfriend. Everything happens for a reason.

People watching is fun here. It would be a lot more fun if dude wasn’t talking my ear off. I think I need to go walk around and pretend to stretch my legs. I’ll post all this when I get back to the Boro.

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