Thursday, March 12, 2009

I bet Ken Burns never had to do this

My dad and Barbie would be proud. My dad for the creative (and extensive) use of duct tape and Barbie for the lovely shade of Malibu Pink. 

I am planning on doing some extensive filming during my travels in order to create a number of film projects with the footage. But my camera bag is ginormous and bulky and no good for jungle trekking. So I improvised. Mom always said little duct tape, some packing mailers, a back pack, and some ingenuity will get you far in life. Ok, ok, she didn't actually say that, but it sounded good.

Initially, I was going to just pack the camera with the bubble mailers, but after I lost two bubble packets during the extensive travel distance of 8 feet across my room, I decided I had to get serious.  I lined the mailers inside my backpack to form a car seat-looking shape, then wrapped that in the duct tape. My efforts results ended up looking like this:

Come what may, my camera is safe and snug and ready to go.

I leave for the airport in three and a half hours and will be on a flight in less than 6 hours. I still have a few minor things to take care of, but am beyond stoked. My friend who currently lives in Guam called me to take care of a few last minute details and that only fanned the flames of my excitement that I have been attempting to keep under control for the last few weeks. I am ready to go.

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