Friday, March 20, 2009

Palau Arrival

We have arrived in Korror on Palau. We landed, made it through customs, then were greeted by Tanji, our local contact/guide. I had two teenage boys take my bags as Tanji greeted each of us while envisioning never seeing those bags again (knowing the clothes I currently have on stink!). We loaded a bus and headed for our hotel while Tanji gave us a brief talk about our itinerary in the morning. Our bags were waiting for us at the hotel upon our arrival. We checked in and were issued bottles of water (replenishable as needed by the front desk... we are encouraged to stay hydrated as it is easily 85 degrees now, humid, and it is 8pm at night). Evidently, the local water will encourage certain bodily functions...

The Peleliu leg of the trip sounds like it will be the best part. Guam is an Unincorporated Territory of the USA and with the large presence of Americans, I didn't miss anything from back home. Now I am at a nice hotel according to Palau standards that would be ranked "economy" within the US. Tomorrow we will take a boat into Peleliu; we get to pass the Rock Islands and see where some of the "Survivor" show was filmed. This has been the craziest trip and time keeps flying by like it is nobody's business. I won't want to go home.

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