Wednesday, August 29, 2012

this day will never happen again

I apologize for not writing at all this week. I have been non-stop.

And. It. Has. Been. Awesome.

I have bounced around the state of Tennessee, spending time in Rutherford, Chester, Davidson, and Stewart Counties (traveling through a few others). I have had the opportunity to visit family and friends and family of friends (and even some friends of family!). Between picnicking, overseeing tree-felling and chainsawing activities, trivia-ing, game of Life-playing, and moon pie-eating, I don't know where I had the most fun. 

My original plans included me traveling back to the Pelican State today and start back to work tomorrow. Then Isaac showed up. Hurricanes stink. This is the second time I have worked at a park in which a natural disaster totally disrupted (and shut down) operations. I feel odd about the whole thing. I don't like the not-knowing (who does?). I don't like the waiting. I don't like thinking that people could be hurt or killed by this storm. I feel guilty that I can't be helping from two states away (I still receive the "we need your help" emails from the American Red Cross). But I am glad I have a reason to spend a few more precious hours with my family. I got to go for an easy run with my sister today (and discovered that my foot is no longer in pain when I run, woop!). I got to spend an extra evening with my parents and their crazy dog. I will have an opportunity to hang out with my favoritest baby in the whole world tomorrow. I get to spend a whole extra day in my favorite state! 

I am trying to treasure these extra moments without worrying about what the storm has done or what it will do or how it will impact my upcoming work weeks (tentatively, work months if it is anything like that tornado). I am trying to hold onto the idea that this day will never happen again and I should live in the present. I do what I can. I think I am better than I was but I am certainly not where I want to be.  

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