Sunday, August 19, 2012

Just a Little Excited

My days have been going something like this:

Alarm goes off. Wake up. [Hey! Next week I'll be waking up in Tennessee!]

Brew coffee and inevitably spill while pouring a cup. [Hey! Dad ALWAYS spills, too! I'll see Dad in Tennessee next week!]

Get ready for work. Polish boots. [Hey! Former supervisor in Tennessee would be proud that I still keep these polished!]

Drive to work. Listen to a mix of the Pistol Annies, Miranda Lambert, Eric Church, Jason Aldean and other assorted country music artists on the way. [Hey! Nashville, Tennessee is a great town! I am excited to see it next week!]

Arrive to work. Prioritize day's "To-Do" list. See "Tennessee" sprawled across desk calendar. [Hey! I will be in Tennessee next week!]

Go about day. [Hey! Tennessee!]

Drive home. Shake my fist at abundance of bad drivers. [Hey! Tennessee!]

Check mail. [Hey! Tennessee!]

Get home and peel off uniform. [Hey! Tennessee!]

Go for run.* [Hey! Tennessee!]

Make dinner. Eat. Clean up. [Hey! Tennessee!]

Kill time before bed. [Hey! Tennessee!]

Fall asleep and hey, dream of Tennessee.

I may just be a little excited that I am leaving for the Volunteer State tomorrow. Well, like at midnight on Tuesday, but that is kind of like tomorrow. I just have to get through tomorrow, first. [Hey! Tennessee!]

*Sad note: I have hurt my foot and am currently on my 9th day in a row without completing this step. It is killing me.

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