Thursday, August 9, 2012

a quiet summer morning

This evening I am giving a ranger talk at the library so I get to go into work a few hours later than normal. I had intentions of using my two extra hours this morning to go for a run or to knock out a "to-do" item, like wash my car or go drop off my recycling. But now that I am up, I just want to enjoy the morning peacefully. I have noticed how the sun hides its shine until just a little later in the day, tucking itself in a little earlier, too. That means 1) fall is coming, 2) temperatures should drop, soon, 3) fall is coming. It also means summer will be drawing to its own end, as well. As much as I love summer, I adore the fall.

This time last year, I was enjoying my summer days (my first days filled with free time in many years). I was also fretting about where I would work and what park would hire me. I definitely let summer slip away. I suppose I need to enjoy this summer, too.

So I am going to take my coffee in my favorite purple mug, sit on my front porch, embrace the quiet morning, and see how long I can last before the mosquitoes drive me back inside. Then I am going to sit inside and embrace this quiet morning before my week officially starts at work.

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