Thursday, August 2, 2012

Filming at Barataria

I went to the Barataria Preserve today to do some filmwork for a short video about exotic, invasive plants. Specifically, I am working with two interns to develop a video that will create public awareness about these problems, let people know what the park is doing about them, and ultimately remind folks how they can help contribute to solutions. The interns and accompanying ranger were helpful. I especially love seeing people passionate at their work. My eyes glazed over more than once whenever they'd drop their science-y lingo, but overall, we communicated. They took the time to explain what probably felt like basic science to them (sound familiar, Friend in the OK State?). I think I got enough material to make some quality products (we have an idea to do more than one video).

I also interviewed a local gentleman, somewhere around 75 years old. He told us of the many changes in the landscape (including changes related to these exotic plants clogging the bayous). I enjoyed listening to his stories.

Today is on my list of "good days."

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