Wednesday, August 1, 2012

My Life as a Musical

So, I have this thing I have to share about myself: I live in a musical. I mean, I live in reality (just like everybody else), but I constantly have to fight the urge to spontaneously break into song and dance. Throughout the day, I can see the scene, where everybody's marks are, and the best steps for choreography. I can also hear where songs are going to best fit in.

My days usually go something like this:

I wake up and hear this (yes, Hugh Jackman sings to me):

As I clean up and shower, I wash my hair with this tune (yay, sister):

My route to work crosses a railroad track and traffic often backs up because of trains. I hear that whistle down that line and figure it's just Engine Number 49 (the only one that sounds that way, on the Atchison, Topeka, and the Santa Fe):

My arrival to work reminds me how I still consider myself the New Girl In Town:

That does not bother me, for I have confidence in sunshine (and rain):

Giving boat tours even becomes a production, particularly when I have to remind visitors of safety rules (please sit down, you are rockin' the boat):

At the end of the day, as one of our maintenance workers calls out "goodbye, ladies!" I start pickin' and talkin' a little (talk a lot, pick a little more):

Leaving work, all I can think about is how I have places to go and people to meet:

No matter how my day goes, I remember tomorrow is a Brand New Day:

Don't even get me started on what my days off sound like!

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