Monday, April 13, 2009

walking highlighters get the job done

I worked again at the battlefield. And again I was stationed out front of the visitor center, informing visitors of sites they can and cannot visit on the battlefield. I had to wear a neon yellow vest, so I looked like a walking highlighter. No worries, though. I also had to carry a walkie-talkie, so that made me look like an official-looking walking highlighter.

Another storm came through today, as well. It didn't last very long, but torrential rains poured down for about ten minutes (under a tornado watch, no less... a lot of people were holding their breath at the battlefield until the storm blew over). Then it left as quickly as it came and sun beamed down from bright, blue skies. I then got a little sunburn on my neck (I forgot to reapply sunscreen after lunch and am very sensitive... that's right, I'm a park ranger who gets sunburned by opening the refrigerator door).

I have tomorrow off because I have class in the afternoon (and a ten-page paper to finish in the morning...). And then am scheduled to work the rest of the week. My duties will branch out, though, as we have a number of volunteers who have signed up to man the front of the visitor center. I will soon be roving the tour road and trails, informing the delinquent visitors they are not allowed to run/jog/walk/bike/take photos/etc. through there. No exceptions.

Although we do have our visitors who step out-of-bounds by crossing the tape into the battlefield (which would technically mean that they step in-bounds...), I will state for the record that it amazes me to see the number of people who have offered their help to volunteer to help clean up the park. Plans are being made to coordinate volunteer clean-up days; we are just assessing the damage and attempting to plan phases for clean up at the moment. So stay-tuned! Your help may be requested...

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Syaoran-kun said...

Depending on the times, I would love to help clean up. Also, my favorite highlighters are blue, pink, purple, yellow, and green. In that order. I thought you might want to know.