Wednesday, April 15, 2009

to do: buy another notebook

I love to make lists. I find drawing the line through the tasks I have accomplished extremely satisfying. Seeing the many lines through the completed tasks brings me great pleasure. Recently, I purchased a giant dry-erase board (it helps me think out my thoughts visually). I find it handy to write lists on that board, but the pleasure of crossing things off my lists is not the same. I have my little felt eraser and wipe off my completed task and then a blank spot appears. No lines remain, just a diminished sense of accomplishment. So much for considering the earth... I think I have to go back to my many lists contained within many notebooks. Maybe I'll start a recycling program for my to-do lists so I don't feel so bad.

Here is caricature of me as my pirate self drawn by a friend on my white board. So, I guess the board comes in handy for some things...

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