Sunday, April 12, 2009

T-Day plus 2

I worked at the battlefield (I need to find a new word besides "work," by the way... I love that job...). Today I was stationed outside the visitor center informing people that the battlefield was closed, but they could go inside the visitor center to the museum and watch the movie. Easily over half of the vehicles driving through were gawkers who were only interested in looking at the damage.

A number of people still got into the park boundaries (Oh, is that what the yellow tape across the trail entry meant!?). A consideration: the trees that are (and are no longer) on the battlefield are not witness trees to the battle. So they grew up over land that battle was fought on. So they have probably grown over battle "stuff." And relic hunters know this... Not only do we have to let locals know they aren't allowed to walk around, we have to mind those who may have intentions of taking from the battlefield. We have lots to look forward to in the upcoming months.

And for the record, we still have no internet at the house. But my awesome friend, WILL!!!, had an Easter cookout and let me use his internet.

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Syaoran-kun said...

Yay! Thanks for coming! Is there any way for me to sneak out to the battlefield under your supervision to see the damage? Or would that be uncouth?