Wednesday, April 1, 2009

jet lag + insomnia = a cranky zombie

I am tired all day and can't sleep at night. I'm not sure how long I get to blame this on jet lag. We've been back from the Pacific for a full week and I still feel like I am kind of just floating through life in some warped dream (and have been less than productive because of it). At some point I will have to snap back into reality, as I have some deadlines approaching, am supposed to be starting on my thesis (for reals this time), and will be back at the battlefield full-time soon enough. I realized how bad it was when I dozed off in front of the assistant archivist from Tennessee State Library and Archives during a class field-trip/guest lecture; I was sitting across from him, too. Unfortunately, he didn't know about my jet lag. So much for ever considering working at TSLA (what? the sleeping girl? she doesn't need to work here, we want workers who can stay awake). And I will apologize for those who have to deal with me on a regular basis and if I have been a little cranky. Again, I don't know how long I can blame jet lag, but for now I will.

People keep asking me how did my trip go. I really want to say, "amazing and awesome and life-changing," but I feel like that would be bragging. So I usually pipe up, "it was good," or, "it was cool." I want to delve into details, but there was so much that I don't know where to start. And sometimes I think people just ask "how was your trip" to be nice or to start a conversation, but aren't really interested in listening about what my travels really entailed and how that affected me. I guess that is why I video-documented the trip. Maybe I will be able to portray to my family and friends my experiences with my film(s).

Now comes the real work.

And for the record, I still haven't posted any new videos because of the whole not-being-able-to-focus-due-to-lack-of-regular-sleep thing. I have most of this upcoming weekend set aside for starting to sift through videos (and take some time to make some shorts). I suppose I should go lie down now and pretend to go to sleep in an effort to get my body settled into Middle Tennessee time. Eesh.

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