Sunday, July 15, 2012

When I Grow Up

Over the course of my life I have rarely finished the statement "when I grow up, I want to be a ..." in a consistent manner.* I have ended that statement with a variety of occupations including (but by no means limited to) teacher, astronaut, archeologist, costume designer, paleontologist, pilot, baton twirler, forensic scientist, and (of course!) a park ranger.

Here's the thing: growing up sounds so boring. And I am not going to do it. 

Whew! So glad I got that off my chest! I understand that still I have to do grown-uppy things. After work, I ran, ate dinner, and did dishes. But I also decided to style my hair in a faux-hawk, add glitter to my nail polish, broke out all of my colored pens to write out some outlines for upcoming blog posts (black ink is so boring!), and will probably pop in a movie after I finish writing, staying up way too late. Why? Well, just because. 

*Note how I never wanted to be a nurse or a doctor or anything that meant somebody else's life depended on me. 

**The other grown-uppy things I did this evening included not eating ice cream for dinner and making my "to-do" list for the upcoming week... So maybe it is too late and I am already all-growed-up... Alas.

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