Sunday, July 1, 2012

An Intermission Day

Farewell, First Half of 2012!

You most certainly have not been my favorite six-month period, though I will give you credit for not being the worst six-month stretch of my life. Highlights include: trips to Tennessee, a trip to Texas, and my trip to DC/Gettysburg. Sorry, Louisiana. Can we just agree to remain professional acquaintances, complete with awkward acknowledgements when we cross paths? I am recording these past 180 days as "learning experiences," and leave them where they belong- in my past.

Greetings, Second Half of 2012!

Don't let me down! I am looking forward to what you present me, while trying not to set my sights too high. Maybe if I have low expectations, then anything you throw at me will be a good thing. And the "anything you throw at me" part is not a challenge. But I am ready. So go ahead and bring it. Tomorrow is only a day away.

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