Friday, July 6, 2012


I didn't grow up with an average home. I did not have one home town and with the exception of our stint in Japan, I did not live in any one house longer than 2 years. "Where are you from?" Sometimes I say "everywhere," sometimes I say "nowhere," and sometimes I say "I am an Army Brat" and that seems to suffice. So where is home? I think everybody's definition of home is different and I imagine it can change over the course of a lifetime. For me right now, home is where my heart beats happy. For this past week, that was in west Tennessee.

I decided to surprise my sister with a visit. Original plans included her and her husband visiting me in Louisiana. Unfortunately, work schedules did not permit them to come and we sent a few lamenting text messages back and forth about the situation, sad to be apart for the first time in several years on the fourth of July. Then I thought "why don't I just go up there?!" I shot a text message to my [awesomest] brother-in-law [ever] and got an affirmative. I would go and surprise her.

The visit has been fun and relaxing. I am very comfortable around my family and I know they are comfortable around me. I have made enough visits here that I consider this place a home. Well, that and the fact that I am loved here. My heart beats happy here. My short-but-pleasant visit recharged me. Bring on the rest of summer! I am ready for whatever it is you are going to throw at me.

P.S. Thanks Sister and [Awesomest] Brother-in-Law [Ever] for letting me crash at your place! And I am sorry for shoving 11 cookies into your VCR. 

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