Sunday, July 8, 2012

Blogging x2

Once upon a time when I mentioned to my [awesomest] brother-in-law [ever] that I wanted to start a second blog, he commented that oftentimes trying to maintain two of something would create extra work (and he did not want to see this one suffer). I told him that I would have no problem maintaining two, just wait and see.

So now I feel if I post on my other blog, I have to post on this one, too. Because I have this irritating habit of trying to prove that I am right. I assure you, all-who-know-me-personally, I do not like this trait about myself. But if I said I can maintain two blogs, by thunder I can maintain two blogs!

He was right that I have created extra work for myself, but I enjoy stretching my history/interpreter muscles writing for my other blog. And I enjoy having a place where I can write whatever I want to write here. I also enjoy warm cookies from the oven, playing in ocean waves, and reading engrossing novels while snuggled under blankets when it is storming outside.

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