Tuesday, January 31, 2012

In Which I Find My New Favorite Lafayette Hangout and Get a Cavity

Mission: Accomplished. After running my errands, running 8 miles, and finishing my "chores," I treated myself with a visit to Poupart Bakery. The only question I can ask myself about the place- why did it take me so long to go?? It is a quaint bakery with the standard bakery fare plus soups and sandwhiches and quiet corners for getting lost in a book while enjoying your coffee and baklava. And indeed, they had King Cake.

They have small cakes (kind of like the personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut, except it's not a pizza), so I got one of those, Bavarian creme-filled. I could only take about three bites because it was so sweet. Just looking at all that sugar results in a cavity.

Looks like I got the Baby Jesus! I guess it will be my turn to throw the next King Cake party.

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