Saturday, January 28, 2012

C'est Bon

Yet again, I am home, exhausted, after a full and satisfying day at work. I started my day by leading a workshop for a troop of Junior Girl Scouts so they could earn their "Eco-Action" badge. Nothing kickstarts my day faster than inspiring girls to think of ways they can positively impact their world. I spent the rest of the day in Eunice at the Prarie Acadian Cultural Center.

I visited for a myriad of reasons and I know my visit was well spent. I will be updating much of the website soon and I wanted a collection of photos to use for the website. I also wanted to experience the music programs, foodways demonstration, and the Rendez Vous des Cajuns show.

The show is broadcast on the radio and local television shows every Saturday night from the Liberty theater. It showcases Cajun bands. The park is a co-sponser; one of the park rangers introduces the show, in fact:

I bet if I asked real nice-like, I could open the show one night, too. It was good for me to spend some time with the site's rangers and get to know them a little better. I think they enjoyed getting to know me, too. Eunice is an endearing town and the Liberty Theater (adjacent to the visitor center) is quite charming. I will get to visit Eunice again for La Vieux Mardi Gras De Cajun (if I don't visit again on my own!). The country-style of the Cajun Mardi Gras is very different than that of New Orleans, or even Lafayette, and will include revelers on horseback, races, chicken-chasing, and, of course, food. It is the site's busiest day of the year and I get to help for the day. I continue to learn that I have so much more to learn here. C'est bon.

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