Sunday, September 11, 2011

Don't Cry Over Spilled Coffee

Before I even pulled out of the driveway, as I reached for my maps and directions, I knocked over my coffee (of which I neglected to secure the travel lid properly) and it spilled into my cupholder where my iPod was resting. Expletive! I hurriedly cleaned the mess, took a minute to calm down and say a prayer for the rest of my day, and breathed deep.

My iPod still works. And there was enough coffee left in my mug to last me until I could stop again. I just cranked up my dance/electronica mix and God provided the light show: the lightening was an amazing sight for 4:30am and seemed to complement the music well. I have stopped, stretched, and am ready to continue.

(I was not driving when I took this. There was nobody on the road so I could just stop...)

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