Tuesday, September 20, 2011

all to' up

I have been working at making my move from my current park to my new park as easy as possible by making lists, documenting work, writing reports, and copying colleagues on emails. I don't mind the extra work but it makes me a little sad. I don't like thinking about leaving. Today I poured through (again) the National Park Service's Call to Action, a document launched five years short of the centennial of the NPS in order to address different issues within the park service. When I read through planning or management documents before, I thought of how it would impact my park. I was reading through the document today thinking of how it would impact this park (and how the park is already addressing some of these action plans), when it struck me that I need to start shifting my mindset. I have to start thinking of my new park. Eek! Change! The way I think will have to shift from making history relevant to making culture (and history and geography) relevant. I am also going to have to pull myself from all-things-Civil-War and that tears me up a little. I like history! I like talking about it! I like engaging about difficult issues, especially those stemming from American history (especially Civil War and Reconstruction!)! I like sparking interest about this topic, especially in kids! It doesn't really help that I have many personal investments tied to this place (I have one word for you: THESIS). I know I will make my way back. I already have plans to visit for the sesquicentennial symposium AND anniversary events. And I am usually one to look forward (because if you look behind you, you might trip on what lays before you). But grappling with this move is difficult for me.

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