Monday, January 10, 2011


I am momentarily trapped in my house... by 3 inches of snow. Because of this county's lack of snow, it takes a while for roads to clear. That's ok. My forced inside time gives me an opportunity to write. I wrote a little yesterday and am about 5 pages shy of my first chapter. That also means I am still on the schedule I had set for myself in December.

That's weird.

I will continue to press toward finishing by May. In May, I am going to England with the Rotary Club on a vocational exchange program. If I stay on track, I will go on that trip completely thesis-free. What a weird thought after having "thesis" on my brain for almost four years (yep, I became one of "those" students... the ones that people use as an example for new grad students to get done in a timely manner). I should not get ahead of myself, but I wonder what it is like to walk around without that mental strain weighing me down with everything I do? I wonder if I will float a little? I should probably consider getting a string or some rope to tie to my waist so people around me can pull me back to Earth when I start levitating.

(P.S. I am fully aware that I am on a positive writing-streak and that is why I have my positive outlook. I am also aware of this roller coaster ride called "life" and there will be days in my future where I will want to set my computer on fire because of my frustrations. It happens.)

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Liz said...

It's amazing to walk around without the mental strain of a thesis. It's absolutely amazing. I recommend it. good luck, you can do this!